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Hi-Fi • Bruitage • Sound effects • Volume 3 • Audio Fidelity AFSD 9077


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  • Label : Audio Fidelity
  • Référence : AFSD 9077
  • Format : Vinyl, LP, 30 cm
  • Stéréo
  • Type pochette : Simple
  • Etat pochette : Ex
  • Etat vinyle : EX+

1 en stock

UGS : Audio Fidelity AFSD 9077 Catégories : , Étiquette :


Face 1
Teletype Machines, Newsroom
Wirephoto Facsimile Machines
Pistol Range, Military
Heavy Artillery
Machine Gun Burst (Vulcan “Gatling Gun”, Aircraft Type)
105 Mm Recoil-less Rifle
M48 Medium Tank: A) “Little Joe”; B) Main Engine And Turrets; C) Passing
Close Order Drill
Prop Aircraft Taxiing
Prop Aircraft Taking Off
Navy Alarm Buzzer
Police Car Passing
Truck Traffic
Cuckoo Clocks
Bedlam In A Cuckoo Clock Shop
Grandfather Clock
Grandfather Clock (Westminster)
Winding Mantel Clock
Clock Ticking (Time Bomb Effect)
Mantel Clock
Mantel Clock (Whittington)
Mechanical Bird

Face 2
Model T Ford Starting
Model T Ford Idling
Model T Ford Passing
Cats & Kittens, Animal Pound
Thunder And Rain
Rain On Pavement, Distant Traffic
Rain In Woods
Horse Race Start
Horse Race Finish
Steeplechase Finish
N.Y. City Pedestrians
N.Y. City Subway
Three Electronic Effects
Frequency Sweep, Zero To Infinity To Zero
Blacksmith’s Anvil
Air Blasts
Rolling Acetylene Cylinder
Arc Welding
Machine Shop Background
Freight Elevator
Door Chime
Chain-Drive Overhead Door
Music Box

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